Our Escape Rooms

All rooms require a booking. It is strongly recommended children under 12 play with an adult.


The School of Magic


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You and your friends have been causing all kinds of trouble during your spell-casting classes at the School of Sorcery. Having meddled with magic, you’ve now caused time to begin unraveling. Will you be able to put things right before an hour passes and all the time-devices in the school are broken beyond repair? Or have you doomed the world of magic to chaos?

Suitable for 4-8 players. Advance booking required.

The Faceless Order - NOW OPEN!


priestess and sorcerers they celebrate, magic ritual in the holy temple, with magical white mask occult

A mysterious order has your community in the grips of its influence, and you have been tasked with infiltrating its ranks. Tonight is your initiation: a series of trials and challenges rumored not to be for the faint of heart! Will you dare to complete your task? Or will you disappear forever like the other failed initiates? You only have one hour to find out!

Suitable for 3-7 players. Advance booking required.

The Vigilante's Maze



Empire City is under attack! The notorious villain Dr. Plague has captured the heroic “Masked Vigilante” and is holding him prisoner in his twisted lair. What’s more, the masked hero is the only one who knows how to defuse the bomb Plague has planted to destroy the city. As sidekicks in training, you are tasked with defeating the obstacles placed for you in the heart of Plague’s lair to free the hero and save the city!

Suitable for 2-7 players. Advance booking required.