Our Escape Rooms

Museum Breakout



(Minimum 4 Players)

You are part of a newly hired overnight security team charged to protect the artifacts of the National Museum. The museum hosts a plethora of ancient artifacts and secrets from around the globe, and rumours abound about its reputation for abnormal activity.

Upon beginning your orientation everything appears to be progressing normally, until your trainer, the head guard, mysteriously disappears. You decide to go check for him outside only to find that you are locked in, with no keys to get out. An ominous noise resonates from deep inside the museum walls… The lights go out… You feel the panic beginning to set in as you realize that maybe the rumours about this place are not so far from the truth…

Baker Street Mystery



It is no easy job being a detective in a town pillaged by a notorious gang of criminals known as the Baker Street Five. Not only are their high profile robberies devastating, but they have managed to keep their identities secret, making it next to impossible to start a case against them. However, it seems Lady Luck has recently decided to grant you a wish.

A mysterious individual, known strictly as ALPHAMAIL, has decided to give you a tip-off regarding the Baker Street Five and an unreported murder. Unfortunately, ALPHAMAIL has no intention of spoon-feeding you any information. Instead, he has laid out a trail of clues that will not only help you solve the murder, but will also name the members of the Baker Street Five. However, these seasoned criminals are a slippery bunch, and time is of the essence. Will you be able to identify the murderer before he manages to skip town and escape the wrath of justice?

Casino Break-In



Some people are good with words, others are good with numbers, but you have always been good with locks. As a child, you learned to crack the safes at your elementary school, at the supermarket, and even at the church. Your natural talents led you to become a member of America’s most successful crime syndicate, and today you and your team will be taking on your biggest challenge yet: cracking the vault at the Valley Isle Casino.

Phase one of the heist has been completed by your recon team: the security system has been neutralized and access to the casino owner’s office has been acquired. This is where the vault awaits you. Your recon team has laid out a path to the vault, and your task will be to follow that path and crack the lock before law enforcement arrives. Will your natural safecracking skills prevail, or will the Valley Isle Casino Vault be the end of your career?

***PLEASE NOTE: Game play includes several math-based puzzles. For this reason, it is not recommended that young children play alone.