Our Escape Rooms

It is our goal for your escape adventure to be as enjoyable as possible! We cater our hints to the age and skill level of each individual group. However, to ensure a good experience for all, it is recommended that children under 12 play with an adult (with the exception of our child-friendly Biowarfare room).




Professor Nye is a scientist possessed of a passion for his work. His reputation landed him top secret government clearance, but his employers’ ulterior motives soon became clear. Upon realizing that he had created a bioterrorist weapon, Nye made off with his research and was kidnapped by the government as a result. His captors will do whatever it takes to get the work they commissioned! As Nye’s trusty lab assistants, you have received a distress call from him imploring you to enter his lab and destroy the research he has performed under duress. Once you enter the lab, you will have one hour before the government agents arrive to kidnap you, as well!

Child/Family Friendly Room

Zombie Uprising


4 stars

It finally happened… the zombie apocalypse has ravaged society and left you isolated as some of the sole survivors. Your travels have brought you to an abandoned military installation, where you are greeted by a lone survivor who ushers you inside… she frantically leads you into two small, dark shelters to safety, but warns you not to stay too long. You must quickly gather supplies and escape to the safe house across the back courtyard. If you linger longer than an hour, the zombies will have time to catch up to you and feast on your brains!

Minimum 4 Players Required
Recommended ages 12+ due to frightening nature of game
Please note only dim lighting will be provided, and LOUD music will play throughout the game.

Casino Break-In



Some people are good with words, others are good with numbers, but you have always been good with locks. As a child, you learned to crack the safes at your elementary school, at the supermarket, and even at the church. Your natural talents led you to become a member of America’s most successful crime syndicate, and today you and your team will be taking on your biggest challenge yet: cracking the vault at the Valley Isle Casino.

Phase one of the heist has been completed by your recon team: the security system has been neutralized and access to the casino owner’s office has been acquired. This is where the vault awaits you. Your recon team has laid out a path to the vault, and your task will be to follow that path and crack the lock before law enforcement arrives. Will your natural safecracking skills prevail, or will the Valley Isle Casino Vault be the end of your career?

Game play includes several math-based puzzles. 

The Vigilante's Maze - NOW OPEN!



Empire City is under attack! The notorious villain Dr. Plague has captured the heroic “Masked Vigilante” and is holding him prisoner in his twisted lair. What’s more, the masked hero is the only one who knows how to defuse the bomb Plague has planted to destroy the city. As sidekicks in training, you are tasked with defeating the obstacles placed for you in the heart of Plague’s lair to free the hero and save the city!