Escape Room Tips & Tricks

The most common question we get from players at Escape From LA Lethbridge is always “What exactly am I getting myself into, and how do I figure this game out?”

For seasoned pros, the idea of getting locked in a room for fun might be a given. But here in Lethbridge, we still get new players every day who have barely heard of escape rooms, let alone contemplated sequestering themselves with friends, family, or coworkers, and taking on a series of complex puzzles.

To make things a bit easier on you new initiates to the world of escape artistry, we’ve composed a list of tips to help you learn the ropes. Consider these insider tricks when the door closes behind you and you look around, scratching your head over where to start!

Escape Enthusiasts Tips For Success:

COMMUNICATE. If you only take away one item from this list, it should be this one. Whether you’re escaping with one other person or a boisterous group, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of clear communication. You should call out clues, locks, and items that seem valuable as you find them. Let your teammates know whether they should be looking for letters, numbers, colors, etc.You may want to assign a “leader” who will keep track of what has been found, and who can mediate when excitement runs high!

ORGANIZE. At Escape From LA Lethbridge, our codes and keys are one-use only (In the rare event that they aren’t, your Game Master will let you know). To avoid confusion, set aside clues, keys, locks, and boxes into a pile once you’re done with them. This will leave you free to focus on the items you do need for your next step.

PRIORITIZE. If you only just started playing, you probably don’t need to be trying to figure out how to open the exit door. Search the space for keys or suspicious objects. Similarly, if all the locks around you are alphabetical, scrutinizing clues for numbers may not be helpful.

AVOID OVERTHINKING. We’re all guilty of it! You probably don’t need to rearrange every book in the room chronologically by the date of the author’s death, or turn a table upside down to examine the manufacturer’s serial number etched in size 8 font. (But what if it’s a really well hidden clue?) Game Masters want you to succeed, and will set up tasks accordingly.

GUESSWORK WON’T GET YOU FAR. It’s tempting to stand by a single lock and try hundreds of code combinations at lightning speed until one of them happens to work. But doing so is sure to cause you more frustration, as you will now have skipped over important clues and information, and will no longer be following the intended linear game progression. Also, there’s nothing like that sense of satisfaction when you actually crack a code the right way!

CALL FOR HELP. There’s no shame in it! The overwhelming majority of our players receive anywhere from 2-6 clues throughout their game. If you have neither unlocked nor discovered anything new within the last 10 minutes, it is important to consider calling for help. Our Game Masters won’t do the work for you… they’ll only prod you in the right direction!

WHEN IN DOUBT, DOUBLE-CHECK. Psst… don’t trust your teammates. Much as they’re all there to help you, assume they’ve missed something and check the areas they’ve already checked. Often crucial clues can be passed over because of simple excitement, and a fresh pair of eyes is your best friend. Similarly, if you’ve tried a combination you were pretty confident of but had no luck, give it one more try before moving on. Have you carefully aligned your code in the correct position on the lock? Did you miss a letter or number? It happens to the best of us!

You can use this list as a handy reference guide, or distribute it to your Type A teammates who like to study and prepare before a challenge! Either way, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

The Adventure Continues…


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