Our Lethbridge Escape Rooms

All rooms require a booking. It is strongly recommended children under 12 play with an adult.

Weirder Things


Another boy has gone missing in Hawkins, Indiana. It’s your job to enter fortune teller Madame Cadenas’s shop and communicate with the Mind Flayer to discover his whereabouts. But take care not to tumble into the Upside-Down yourself for your trouble! You only have an hour before it’s too late…

Suitable for 4-6 players. Multi-room game. Advance booking required. Frightening imagery may not be suitable for young children.



Revenge Escape Room Lethbridge

You are trapped in the lair of the villain Mr. Chaos and desperate to escape! You will need to stay sharp and work together to defeat his obstacles and traps. The clock is counting down, and soon escape will be impossible! Will you make it out of the villain’s lair before it is too late?

Suitable for 4-8 players. Advance booking required.

This multi-room game is a sequel to our popular 2017-18 game The Vigilante’s Maze. With all-new puzzles and team challenges, it is sure to entertain adventure and comic-lovers alike!

The School of Magic


School of Magic Escape Room Lethbridge

You and your friends have been causing all kinds of trouble during your spell-casting classes at the School of Sorcery. Having meddled with magic, you’ve now caused time to begin unraveling. Will you be able to put things right before an hour passes and all the time-devices in the school are broken beyond repair? Or have you doomed the world of magic to chaos?

Suitable for 2-8 players. Multi-room INTERACTIVE game. Advance booking required.